Support the breast cancer foundation “One in 8”

They are helping women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. We are 1/2 into my goal of $10 000 after my recent races.

You may ask why Bulgaria and why breast cancer? Well, I was born in Bulgaria and my mother lost the battle with breast cancer there on April 29, 2013. I know what women diagnosed with cancer and their families go through, how much they need practical and emotional support from someone who can give direction and hope, someone who has been through the same battle.

Your donation will directly fund the annual implementation of the Soul Sisters – our national mobile support program within which we offer completely free of charge practical, informational and psychological counseling for women with breast cancer and their families across Bulgaria. Annually our mobile center – the Pink camper stopover in more than 10 cities in the country and our team meets the patients in oncology wards in city hospitals.

Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is a great challenge for women – it follows a period of prolonged isolation, trauma, every day struggle and days spent in pain. In this very moment the women and their family needs a real support of professional psychologists, face-to-face conversation with breast cancer survivors to help them cope with all these changes and challenges however especially in the countryside such services are not available.

For the 4th year, the “Soul Sisters” is going to the women in need all across Bulgaria and offer a free of charge services. The program involves visiting the complex oncology center or oncology wards in city hospitals where our team of physiologists and consultants- all to one breast cancer survivors will talks with patients, distributes aids and accessories, provides psychological, emotional, practical and informational support to women and their relatives.

Long-Term Impact
We will provide more than 500 breast cancer patients with support and information to accept their condition, rebuild their well-being and improve their quality of life. We will also give their families support and advice. Many of the women we meet under the program become part of our community and benefit from all the other services the foundation offers. It is important for us not just to lend a hand, but to go all the way along with the patient. We need your help to do it!



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