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Born in Bulgaria. Currently residing in USA . I started cycling back in 1998 and soon discovered my love for randonneuring , my passion ever since . Currently part of DC Radnonneurs and Greater Appalachian Ultracycling,  both local bike clubs in Washington, DC.

Support Georgi in his attempt to Race Across the West 2022


Hello. Many of you know that there are expenses involved with a race such as RAW. I plan on having a crew of 3-4 people during the race.

Typically, the racer covers all of the crew expenses. Please step up and help me out! I am unable to fund such a race myself.

The crew will be flying to Oceanside, CA from the Washington DC are. Two days of prep in Oceanside. Race starts tentatively on June 16th at around Noon. Race will finish on June 20th. Then we drive / fly back from Durango, CO to DC.

I will be covering all expenses relating to race registration, my bikes, bike gear (lights, wheels, tires, computer), bike shorts, jerseys, socks, gloves, helmet, shoes, etc.

Our race crew related expenses are outlined below:



1 Van Rental (10 days): $1,000
​Gasoline: $1500
​Racer Food/Nutrition: $500
​Racer/Crew Lodging: $1000
(Oceanside, on route, Durango)
Crew Care & Feeding (9 days): $1,500
​Misc/Contingency/Emergency: $500

Any money not used will be donated to the Breast cancer Foundation that I will be racing in support of called “One of 8” .

Total Race Budget: $6,000

Raised to Date: $200


About the Race

Race Across the West (RAW) was started in 2008 to offer a race longer than 500 miles and to help bridge the mileage gap to RAAM. It has since evolved into an epic race in its own right. It is the second longest RAAM qualifier in the USA and draws racers from around the world.


Linh Nguyen

To sponsor a Time Station , continue reading below and indicate which Time Station you want + send me an email at emiloww@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!!

Georgi Stoychev

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RAW 2022 Countdown

By making a financial contribution or sponsoring a time station you are doing so out of the kindness of your heart because you want to help Georgi accomplish his goal.

Any amount will help . Please consider only what is comfortable and reasonable for you!

How to donate:

You can support by using Paypal: Click here

You can support by using Venmo: Click here

You can support by using CashApp @GeorgiStoychev


The price of the Time Stations is as follows:
– normal TS: 200$,
– Start, Finish and half-way (Oceanside, Prescott, Camp Verde): 500$

Your logo will be posted on https://s-ultracycling.com/ in the table below and the link to your company’s website.
E-mail me at emiloww@gmail.com and reserve your Time station. Thanks for becoming part of my team

You will get social media posts when you decide to sponsor a TS

Video shout-out on social media when we get to your sponsored time station.

Updates only available to TS Sponsors during the race

TS NoLocationTS – TS ( km)Total ( miles)TS Sponsor name and Logo
StartOceanside, CA: $50000
TS 1 Borrego Springs, CA: $20088.388.3
TS 2Brawley, CA: $20057145.3
TS 3 Blythe, CA: $20089.6234.9
TS 4 Parker, AZ: $20051.3286.2
TS 5Salome, AZ: $20056342.2
TS 6 Congress, AZ: $20052.7394.9
TS 7Prescott, AZ: $20050.4445.3
TS 8Camp Verde, AZ: $50054.4499.7
TS 9 Flagstaff, AZ: $200103602.7
TS 10Tuba City, AZ: $20074.9677.6
TS 11Kayenta, AZ: $20071.8749.4
TS 12Mexican Hat, UT: $20044.7794.1
TS 13Montezuma Creek, UT: $20039.6833.7
TS 14Cortez, CO: $20050.2883.9
TS 15Durango, CO: $50046.6930.5