Psycho 12h Race report – the quest to 250 miles

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Psycho 12h is a wrap. I was finally able to hit 250 miles. Group of 20 of us started and quickly slimmed down to 7. We took 1 ~ mile pulls into the nasty wind. The group decreased again to 6, 5, 4 and then it was just 3 of us. A well running team of father and son Allan and Dylan vs me. Going through the pit was a tad longer and was optional. My plan was to stop just once as i started with 100 Oz camelback + 3 bottles. I followed the group( i though) and just rolled through the pit on lap one ( 35 miles ), we regrouped afterwards. After the 2nd Loop, the two engines skipped , while i passed through the pit to drop the camelback & some trash 🙂 It took me 8 miles of chasing to close the gap. After the next loop, they went through the pit and took them ~20 miles to catch up. I did not even know they were approaching and once they caught me, they were gone, that headwind was coming hard on us. I set into my own pace and stopped chasing so i dont blow up. My plan was to rely on efficiency. My stoppage time was 10 seconds and it was what i am mostly proud of. Theirs was 37 minutes. Come to find out, on the last lap, in the dark, I was in the lead 🙂 We worked together again, they were surprised and asked me what my mileage was 🙂 2 minutes to go, they are behind me, i switch my gps from mileage to timer and waited for the sprint. And here it goes nothing , they take the right turn and i kept blasting straight, I heard something behind but it was late, they sprinted for 30 seconds or so, i came back chasing but it was all over. They told me that they did not wanted to win like this but we cant always have it our way, i was so looking forward to sprinting. Hard to calculate mileage with the pit loop being just a hair longer, but they won the sprint so who cares, Congrats to them, they tried breaking me down but I was still there at the end. Without working together in the wind , I was not going to hit 250 miles. Special thanks to Carol , Rich and all the volunteers for putting up an awesome race. Onto the next one Spiegel Bikes Infinity Bike Seat

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