Bike Nonstop US 2021 – 3500 miles mixed terrain race across US

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When: June 27th , 6am Pacific Time

Start Point: Portland, OR

End point: Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

Climbing: 127 229 feet or 4.38 times Mount Everest

Route: – Click Here

Hear about it – Over the Top Cycling – Click Here

Terrain: Mixed , 1200 miles of bike paths full of gravel , sand and mud

Why: Because I want to test my abilities, I want to win, I want to get away from civilization. Most importantly ,to help a breast cancer foundation named ” One of 8″ in my country of Birth Bulgaria in honor of my mom. My suffering will be nothing compared to those having cancer.

Live Tracking: You bet ! This is the direct LINK

Feel free to leave comments on Trackleaders . This will serve me as a motivation while I read them after each day.

How to help:

By donating directly on my event Global Giving page ( linked to the main “One of 8” Foundation page). Just click Here. We are already about 1/4 into my 10k goal after the Virtual Race Across the West and World 24h TT. I have no doubt that we will crush it.

By making a financial contribution you are doing so out of the kindness of your heart.

Any amount will help . Please consider only what is comfortable and reasonable for you!

By purchasing a T-Shirt designed by me directly from Amazon from the following Link . About $5 is the royalty for each T-Shirt. 100 % will be deposited to the foundation immediately after I return from the race and a detailed proof will be published on this page.

7/20 Update – We have 4 T-Shirts sold. Few sponsors and supporters inquired for more after the race. But at the moment its 4. The Royalties are $20.04 and will be deposited to the Foundation once received. Snapshot below

Georgi, I donated already and do not want a T-Shirt. I get it. Want to help me personally – If I finish this madness, reward me with a meal or a drink afterwards Paypal, Venmo and CashApp @GeorgiStoychev.

You want to see me race at the Race Across the West. I will be looking for Time Station Sponsors and hope to show up at the starting line in the next 2 years – More info Here

Social Media: The easiest for me will be Instagram. That would directly link it to my Facebook athlete page. I will also try to do few Facebook lives or Youtube Videos.

Youtube Link

Instagram Link

Facebook athlete page Link

Strava Link

And thank you to all my Sponsors:

Spiegel Bikes for the awesome bike

Infinity Seat for the best seats. Want one ,use code “Georgi” at checkout to save on your purchase

Owayo for providing me all the clothing from Bibs & Jerseys to Wind Vest, Jacket & Cap. Just mention my name if you purchase from them and they will give you a discount

Amp Human – Proving me with the PR Lotion to reduce lactate buildup in the legs.

Marquee Cycling – Providing me with awesome bar tape that will be put to the test

Thank you for being part of my adventure

Special shout out to Paul and Zack from the REI bike shop in Columbia, MD

And Northern Virginia Randonneurs