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I am long overdue to review this seat !

It has been one of my most trusted components since early June , 2017. In fact , I first used the seat during the National 24 hour Challenge in Michigan on June 18, 2017. I was so impressed by the great reviews and feedback from Marco Baloh.

I recently build my TT bike in the fall of 2017 and a proper seat was the last missing piece. The seat was actually first used on my old steel frame ! Following RAAM  closely, I noticed that few riders are using it. Most notable was my Ultracycling favorite Marco Baloh , who was swearing by this seat.

So many RAAM racers have switched to Infinity seat. What better test for a bicycle equipment than a 3000 mile bike ride.

Race ready

I took a chance and used my seat during the National 24h Challenge. We were faced with heavy rain during the race. The event was interrupted for over 4 hours. It was my first 24 h event and I managed to finish 4th in my age group while pedaling 285.1 miles in 19.5 hours.


During  Taste of Carolina 1200 km and SVS 1200 , the Infinity seat was extremely important for my success.  There was no discomfort whatsoever. I couldn’t believe it!

SVS 1200km

The biggest test was at Calvins 24h where I qualified for solo RAAM after completing my first full 24 h race , finishing with 385.9 miles. The weather was good, and we experienced almost no rain.  The infinity seat performed very well considering the rough terrain and aggressive riding.

Calvins Challenge 24h

Update from September 2019 – The seat was also used during another successful Paris Brest Paris finish in 65 hours. I had many issues but my back side was not one of them. Only applied cream once at the mid point.

Be sure to use Promo code Georgi at checkout to receive $25  off your seat. 

Currently using the E2 Model ( Featured Picture on this post ). Thicker leather for more comfort .

2019-11-01 to 02 WTTC Jen Mag Photo-5044
24h World TT Championship 2019

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