Goodbye cold hands. Make your own Bar Mitts. Ride in comfort !

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Make it yourself. Yea ! I know. I just like doing little projects.

I’ve always had a problem with keeping my extremities warm during a winter ride. Biking in the winter has been a big challenge. I remember doing a 200 km in 18 degree weather as my first 200 km brevet in 2014 . I was wearing two pairs of socks and foot warmers. Same with the hands and I was still COLD. My skin will change its colors like a rainbow due the cold. It is the only thing I hate about winter. If you are not warm enough you cannot enjoy cycling. Just being too worried about keeping yourself warm.

I was so excited to see a Bar Mitts on Bill Beck`s bicycle during the January Glen Echo 100 km. Not so thrilled with the price tag. Maybe I am being cheap, but I didn’t want to spend over $50 for something to be used only a few months of the year. As we got close to the winter I began researching and making plans on doing it myself. At first sight the idea did not look too promising. I am somewhat surprised by the result. In a nice way! It all comes down to how much time you  will spend on making the products. And how much you are spending. If you spend over $20 or $30, then it is a waste of time. Time is money too ! ! !


  • Most importantly you need to find cheap neoprene at a good price. Preferably 4mm thick. I guess it all depends on how cold it gets where you live.  I was able to find a factory on Ebay that sells leftover pieces from their production at a bargain price

Cost $8.5


  • Next you will need some Velcro  – I got mine from Harbor Freight tools. Ebay also have some at a great price

Cost $5.3


  • Needle and thread

Cost $ 2.5 from Walmart

Sewing kit

  •  If you need just a little extra neoprene – I bought 2 insulated neoprene bottle clothing sleeves.

They worked perfectly fine for the top part of the mitts. Just flipped them upside down so nobody can see the writing on them .

Cost $2 from Dollar Tree


Final price = $ 18.30

  1. I started with getting a cardboard that you can easily cut.
  2. Next, I had to cut a close to perfect shape out of the cardboard based on the profile of my handlebar. This is the most important step. You will cut the real neoprene based on that. Don`t be afraid doing it all over until you perfect it !
  3. Be  very careful cutting your neoprene.
  4. Save enough patience and time !
  5. Use your sawing skills while playing your favorite music or movie :



Final product:

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Few tips:

  • Perfect your sawing skills
  • Pay attention to details
  • Make sure it is tight. You don’t need any cold air going inside
  • Make sure you have enough room for your hands
  • Attach Velcro straps securely
  • You can also use some glue over the sewing seems to make them tougher


And lastly –  ride, stay warm and enjoy


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