My 2014. Few quotes. New goals !

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What a year.  Thanks for being part of my adventure on two wheels.


My 2014 looked like this in digits:

  • Total miles – 4271.26 (70 bike rides)
  • RUSA rides in km- 4448 (22 brevets)
  • Hours on the bike – 291.77 (12.16 days ! )
  • Calories burned – 188 953 ( according to mapmyride 🙂 )

Awards and achievements:

My perfect 2015 will look like this :

  • Stay injury free  . . .

My 2014 in pictures can be found on this web address 


  • Each quote was part of the blog for that ride !
  • Each one after every picture is a favorite quote by someone else that best describes my adventure !


The season started with Glen Echo populaire 100km and DC Randonneurs annual meeting ! ! !

Photo by Bill Beck

” Train, Pain, Succeed. “

January X Marks the Spot 200 km   –  My mom was going to turn 58 on that day. So it was a special one for me. She is my inspiration.

“It was so beautiful , but painfully cold at the same time. “

“My water bottles froze in no time.”

“Left knee was in pain on the outside for the last 40 miles. “


” The more violent the storm, the quicker it passes. ” ( Paulo Coelho)

February Last Train from Clarksville 200 km   –

 “I noticed few areas with black ice”

“Before you know it, I slid and fell on my left side”. . .

” Soon enough it was so warm ,that all the snow was melting, resulting in colorful rivers” 


” I want to live in a place

where they only ride bikes . “

March Wilderness Campaign 200 km  –

“Hold on … where is the bike and my helmet : check”

“Somewhere around mile 107 was the last control before the finish. I was still feeling good and pushing strong”

Photo by Bill Beck

 ”  Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. ” ( Paulo Coelho)

April Warrenton 300 km

“A quick bathroom break left me alone. “

” I took a wrong turn and pedaled extra miles until making  my way to the control . “

“What a pleasant weather for a bike ride. “

Photo by Mary Gersema

” Yours legs are not giving out, Your head is giving up. Keep going. “

MayNorthern Exposure 400 km

“Being two days after returning  from Europe I was still a bit sore.”

“What started with a great first 180 miles , ended with almost moving at a walking pace , squeezing the last strength and mental toughness left in me”

“Actually, there were 3 hills coming back to back. Short but somewhat brutal.”

“The pain was sharp, on the inner side of the left knee.” . . . ” I wasn’t just going to abandon, not today…”


“Without struggle, there is no improvement”  

June –  East Creek 600 km

“… Joe shouted ” Go” . Nobody even moved. ” It’s this way” – he said again… We were heading into the darkness.”

It felt like I was riding again in Bulgaria🙂. All you can hear is – “Hole, watch out”, then another rider shouted  :” Hole , watch out”.

“Within 10 minutes a group of 5 or riders showed up. Later we called them” the peloton” . . . “

“One of the guys was shouting at me as they passed by : ”  Did you feel the pressure of the peloton” . I replied : ”  Yes , I did.”, and smiled.”

Big and tall man in orange PA Randonneurs wool jersey, riding with sandals. Yes, it was Bill Olsen.”

“He was peddling his way into the horizon, filling the bike lane.”


”  The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine. ” ( John Howard)

 I was also able to intercept Cristoffer Strasser on his record time of finishing RAAM.


I also did Old Rag 200 km with DC Randonneurs. Great day ! ! !

Photo by Andrea Matney




July Pastries & coffee 200 km , DC Exorcist`s Escape 100 km

“Quickly moved to the left, and attacked it. I was not feeling like using my low gears so early in the ride.”

“In the early afternoon the trees provided nice cover. It was  shady and cool  – what a  treatment ! “

Pastries & coffee 200 km Photo by Bill Beck
DC Exorcist`s Escape 100 km


” To bike or not to bike: That is not a question. “

August Stone Soup 200 km , Tour de Del-Mar 200 km –

“It appeared like the sky is changing colors every 10 minutes. “

“As I climbed the first real mountain, there was this foggy peak in front of me . It just takes your breath away ! ! ! “

” I was riding on these awfully quiet roads between cornfields, providing a nice shield from the wind. We played a catch and go game with the rain, as I never got soaking wet. “

” The clouds were flying fast and the wind was coming up in a gust. Scary picture. “

” I can barely see 30 feet in from of me. Branches were laying on the ground.  My hope was that  I am visible.”

Stone Soup 200 km

” I  am  doing this for me. “

” Every time I made turn,I was hoping for a tail wind, but in reality was head wind. How typical. “

Tour De Del-Mar 200 km

” Life is a beautiful ride  “

September Sailing down to Solomons 200 km –

” Did I mentioned that I love Ocean smell? “


“Keep calm and push on”

I Also volunteered for the first edition on Appalachian Adventure 1000 km. I am happy that I was able to help this tough bunch of riders . . .

Photo by Mike Walli

October New way to New Windsor 200 km

” As usual, I was 30 minutes late to start for the proposed  time I proposed 🙂 How typical. “

” As you know by now I hate bike trails. Let me repeat myself, “I hate bike trails. ”

“Soon afterwards I hit the first bike trail. Actually I hit the pavement as soon as I entered it. “

“When my ride just got scenic and relaxing – gravel appeared . . . “


” Its just a hill. Get over it. “

November – Sailing down to Solomons 200 km – Again


“If it is important to you, you will find a way. “

December – Last Train from Clarksville 200 km   –   R12 completed ! ! !


“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you ti achieve it. ” ( Paulo Coelho)

I also designed RUSA Jersey for 2015 PBP


Thanks to :

  • My mom – I know she  is watching over me !

” No I never saw an angel, but it is irrelevant whether I saw one or not. I feel their presence around me. ”  ( Paulo Coelho)

  • Being a Virgo –

    ” I am 100 per cent Virgo, stubborn, over – organized, slightly abstracted from the rest of the world. ”          ( Paulo Coelho)

  • My wife`s and son patience  – I know nothing will be possible without their support.

Thank you for reading in 2014. I wish us all to have even better 2015.

“Hills hurt, couches kill”

2015 Here I come . . .


    1. As long as we are on the road , I am happy. And yes , that is plenty of miles. I would love to one day become K-Hound and ride at least 10 000 km in RUSA rides

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    1. Thank you. I am new to this blogging world . Lots to learn. I would love to come north for the 600 again this year. Unfortunately ours is on the same day. Either way, I would love to ride in New York or New Jersey again. If not, Ill see you in Paris !


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