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November was almost vanishing before I can schedule another big ride. On the last day of the month I was ready to complete a 200k, again . . . This ride was also going to place me above 4000km for the year. The forecast was for mild winds coming my way, and temperatures close to freezing point. The wool gloves were here, leg warmers, wool hat and socks.

As usual, I was 30 minutes late to start for the proposed  time I proposed 🙂 How typical. Now I was racing against the clock not to ride in the dark. I left Hyattsville, MD, and headed north to New Windsor, some 58 miles north. I now remember permanent organizer words in the email. She said the first 10, 15 miles were  kind of funky. And they sure were. As you know by now I hate bike trails. Let me repeat myself, “I hate bike trails”.

Soon afterwards I hit the first bike trail. Actually I hit the pavement as soon as I entered it. While crossing the first wooden bridge my handlebar bag came flying over the front wheel. I was also flying to the ground. Ouch ! ! ! Again. Just like the first 200k of the year my head was closer to the pavement than it should. And this time was definitely my fault. In the morning rush I forgot to securely press my handlebar bag all the way down. Lesson learned. I got up and kept on moving.

In about ten miles I was on Beach Drive. No more trails, no more wooden bridges . What a relief . . .

Plenty of animals on this ride. Here are the pictures. Cows, donkeys, horses, pigs, chickens, lamas, goats. . . etc.  I know my son is going to be amazed once I show him the pictures tonight.

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When my ride just got scenic and relaxing – gravel appeared . . . Not again !

This is not that deep. Stop complaining ! Keep moving forward !

I was not riding any fast this time. Considering the freezing temperatures and many obstacles, that was not a surprise. My focus was on completing the brevet. There is no time for another shot at this one. When I arrived at the furthest point north – New Windsor, temperatures dropped to levels I wasn’t comfortable with. Lone Star BBQ was a great control. Rest much-needed. And  the food – delicious.

Things did not look good with my plans on finishing before dark. The time was 12:30 and I had nearly 70 miles to go. According  to my GPS sundown was 6:10pm. I barely stopped all day for longer than 5 minutes, and  was off the bike a total of 45 minutes in 10 hours of biking.

Done. My mission is accomplished. 15 minutes after 6pm everything was over.  Preparation for the next 200k is under way. Stay tuned. . .

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