Sailing Down to Solomons 200k .

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In the last day of September I decided to go for  a local ride in my ambitions to complete my first R12 award. Road organizer Crista describes it as ” fairly gentle cruise down to Solomons Island with lots of nice water views”

This was  a flat ride. Starts in  Crofton, MD , visiting the coast cities of Deale, Rose Heaven, North Beach, Chesapeake Beach and Solomons Islands. Weather was perfect for cycling without  any high temperatures, little wind and no climbing. My bicycle was rolling down the pavement pretty quick. I was on Rt.2 for almost half my ride.  At  mile 64 the computer was showing 3.5 hours elapsed  . That included 12 minutes lost to replace a flat. I think my rear tire is screaming for replacement. With  four flats in the past 2 months and ZERO for the previous  seven months.



I arrived in ” high spirits”  at Solomons Islands. Great views and awesome feeling looking at the ocean. Did I mentioned that I love Ocean smell?  I only stopped for a few minutes to take  pictures of the info control and boardwalk. The plan was to continue pushing forward without stopping. It was still too early for a lunch , and I had water and food left.

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As I headed back,  so was the wind. It was in my face  majority of the time. Small rollers every mile or two also slowed me down a bit. In about 20 more miles I arrived in Chesapeake beach. There was a Subway store  there , so launch stop was an easy choice. I enjoyed my  food under a tree outside the store ” rando style”. I really needed it !  More than 80 miles were behind me, and that sandwich saved my day. I ran out of food and  water about 10 miles back .

Also there was this photo shot encouraging me for next year PBP ! ! !



I headed back for the last 40 miles. This  was familiar area  from my earlier permanents. Soon thereafter I was in  North Beach and Deale for  more stunning beach views. It felt like the spectacular views gave me extra strength. Twenty miles away from my final destination and it looked like I will finish in under 9 hours.My fastest 200 brevet ever !

Today I enjoyed myself on the bike , pushed myself to a higher speeds without pressing the gas pedal all the way down. It is now October and I need to plan another 200k brevet.

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