Delaware-Maryland Flatlands

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As part of my quest of collecting another state I decided to ride in Delaware last weekend. Start was  in Chester, MD over Bay Bridge.  I had a quick breakfast and  geared up. Already thinking about finishing by 6pm and work. I was feeling terrible for the first couple of hours after sleeping 3 the previous night. Early in the morning the sky was clear and temperature low. I enjoyed every bit of  it.IMAG2704


I was looking for a fast ride knowing the terrain is flat. There was also a little cover from the wind. It was a real challenge. I managed to average over 17 mph. Every time I made turn,I was hoping for a tail wind, but in reality was head wind. How typical. I passed through Church Hill ,MD on my way to Harrington, DE. 80 miles were behind me with 50 to go.

I enjoyed a nice tax-free  launch in Hardees and headed back towards MD.After almost 100 miles I,was off the bicycle for 35 minutes. Nice tail wind pushed me further with less effort. My average speed that dropped climbed back to 17mph and I was feeling good. Families were fishing and swimming by the lake. I wish I can just get in the water for a second. My head was burning as the temperature soared in the early afternoon. Soon afterwards I approached my final point after strong last hour of riding. Here I was in under 9 hours on a 200k. It was actually 214. Pretty good I thought. I was so ready for a shower. What a day on the saddle.


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