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As part of my training I took on the permanent called ” New Dale “. Yet another great ride designed by Crista Borras –  the master of cue sheets and brevet planning.

I was looking for a ride starting closer to my house. This permanent was just perfect. Seven miles away was actually a great warm – up. My endeavor  started around 11am. It was only 121 km. I figured it will be over in less than 6 hours, but it took a little longer. Early start might be a better idea next time,  so I can avoid  the heat. First few miles are flat as I passed by some Department of Agriculture facilities on Beaver Dam Rd. A family with few kids were waiving at the cattle on the side of the road. IMAG1688In less than an hour I entered Old town Bowie. Quick turn by the bike shop and over the bridge.  As I approached the first Rail Tracks I noticed the American flag. It was proudly mounted on the bridge over the road. It is Memorial day weekend , and this was a nice way to support our  troops.

The route is mainly flat as it travels south towards the city of Dale, laying on the Chesapeake Bay. My control there was at South County Cafe. It was so nice outside.Sun shining, visitors having launch outside and  laughing. Bikers stop and go. . .  I got a quick launch and refiled my water supply. They were even generous enough to let me get some free ice 🙂 I was hoping to see the water , the beach, and looking for nice scenery. After all I pedaled almost 40 miles to get here. Unfortunately, the only water I was able to see was few boats when crossing the bridge. I was already on my way back.

Later on I noticed few turtles crossing the road. Luckily I am faster than them , so I was able to avoid them 🙂  I kept pushing hard maintaining over 15 Mph and quickly made it to  Bowie. Just few flat miles to the end. This was wonderful ride that I will definitely consider doing again.

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