Riding around reservoirs 2904 Inaugural ride and RUSA approval

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Good news , good news ! ! ! I have a new permanent route approved by RUSA.

Due to route unavailability in  the general area I live in, I decided to invent my route. It seemed like a normal thing to do. I was training 100 km every weekend anyway. I might as well add it to the other permanents on my calendar and have more  flexibility . This should help with my goal of reaching 5000 km in RUSA events this year. I am halfway there.

First let me explain the story about the  name. As soon as i received the approval documents by Crista (  RUSA permanent administrator)  she asked: “why the abbreviation behind the name” . The first part was obvious. It was passing along Rocky Gorge and Triadelphia Reservoirs. But what about the 2904, right.  Well , I really wanted to dedicate this ride to my mom. I know she will be proud of me, and I know she is there watching and supporting me in everything I do. She is my inspiration to continue fighting in life. I cant let her down. Not now! Not ever !  I lost her to cancer in 2013 and it was on April 29th. I wanted to include it in the name without making it obvious, but keep it rather encrypted.

The pictures in this post are not from the real inaugural ride. They are from one of my planning/checking/re- riding/ fixing / rides 🙂 I drove it once and rode it maybe four times before it was final. Pictures were taken a day before Memorial day so plenty of houses and fences were waiving the US flag. It was so beautiful . I was even surprised how colorful it is. Portion of this ride was done  by me many times, but due to the difficult route planning I added and removed sections from it.

Difficult you said!  Yessss. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I also did not expected to be so hard. For about 2 weeks I drove the route once, and rode it few times. Then spend hours at home for days making a cue sheet, gps map . . .etc – all the requirements. And they are plenty of requirements. After all this work I got email back from Crista Borras and they were over 30 things to correct. Wow 🙂 Now I had to add so many info controls due the possible shortcuts. I simply chose to cut few sections and just added half of the proposed controls. I hate short rides full of controls.


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