UPDATE “The sidewalk is for humans, you have no business here, go on the street. “

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Good news finally! ! !  As expected i met the person who pushed me off the bike last Saturday. Exactly 20 days after the accident. I did not change my bike route or training routine and used the same bike path as usual. As i finished my regular 37 mile training , i approached the same intersection where i ended falling of the bike after being pushed by an older man walking his dog. I drove by the same area the past few weeks hoping i will see him so justice can be served. Here he was – on the same place and intersection. I was not surprised , but rather happy about it . . . This time he was walking both of his dogs that look identical. I acted like i see nothing and continued. Then i waited for him to walk far away and start looking at the direction he was going. Before you know it , about 300 yards from there, he crossed the road so i followed hoping to see the house he lives in.  Sure enough he was walking  towards his nice house. That explains how he dissipated so quickly. He walked around the side door and locked the dogs ,  as i  was passing by. I did not want to be seen .  He then came back out looking straight at me. He was actually saying something but i did not pay any attention, since i wanted zero problems. I just said ” : Hello my friend , its me .

I went home and called the police immediately. It was tough at first to actually find what the case number is, and who is the investigator in charge. After calling Laurel Police Department and actually realizing it was PG. Police i found a friendly operator that spend time with me to find the case number. I was not provided with one after the accident,  still being in shock i did not ask for any. Lesson learned!  After calling the detective , they took immediate action. He told me that he will print a photo lineup and call me back. The following day two investigators showed up and i picked the assailant from a lineup and i give them my statement. They told me that arrest warrant was to be made and executed immediately. I got no call ever since , but i was told that i will receive a call to appear in court soon. All in all, i am thankful for the Police doing their work and being fortunate enough to recover slowly. I think that i  did good for myself but made  the neighborhood even  safer, and hopefully prevented more crime. Now i just hope i do not meet that person any time soon in my neighborhood. Who knows how crazy or dangerous he is.


UPDATE 06.21.2014


Today was court day ! I did not file civil law suit, so it was the state against my assailant. The State Attorney ask me what I wanted out of it. It was a tough call because there is no witnesses and no police officer or firefighter showed . The attacker also had a lawyer. No surprise there. To be honest I told him my goal is not to necessarily place him behind bars, but rather a disciplinary action. He proposed to both sides that we place the case on the shelf and send him to anger management class.  We agreed. All in all, I am happy with the outcome. I now know my neighborhood is a little safer . . .


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