“The sidewalk is for humans, you have no business here, go on the street. “

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Today was an excellent day for cycling.  With temperatures up in the 60s i did my regular training route.  Getting out of Laurel,  up Brock Bridge Rd towards Fulton. Despite being warm, the wind was blowing in my face all the way to Olney. There, i reached Rd 650 and Norbeck Rd.


Furthermore i finally made it to Briggs Chaney Rd around the Silver Spring area with nice tail wind. Before you know it i hit  the flat road and was already in Beltsville.


I then get to my area with a mile to go. But the  biggest part of the day was about to come now. Riding with an easy pace on Montpelier Rd i was approaching Claxton Rd. Since the pavement on that street is so bad and cars parked on the right hand side,  i decided to ride few hundred yards on the sidewalk.  Right before my turn i noticed a man walking his dog.  As i approached him,  i calmly said as always :
– ” Excuse me, passing by”.
No response.  So i had to say it like 3 times until he turned around.  He wasn’t listening to music or anything,  just did not looked as if he care too much.  So i looked at him again and asked to pass by ,because he wasn’t moving out the way.  Next thing you know he moved a bit to the side just enough for me to pass by. I said to myself – ” last hill and i am home”. Not so quick.  As i passed by him the man moved his shoulder and whole body in me, and pushed me to the ground.  I was speechless.  Did this just happened?  I fell on my left side hurting my knee


Unbelievable. . . So i looked at him still standing over me,  got up, and asked him:
– Are you serious,  you did not just pushed me?
His response was even more shocking:
” The sidewalk is for humans,  you have no business here,  go on the street”
Wow.  I wasn’t going to leave this one alone.  I got close to him and started yelling,  and i can tell he wasn’t expecting that.  His body started shaking.  Not to mention he was in his 50s. I said to him basically that i am a human,  and did nothing wrong.  “You push me one more time i I’ll get very close to you” , i said. I told him that the only thing he need to do is just move to the side and  let me pass by. Then he can continue walking his dog.  At first i was thinking about just  going  home. Seeing my knee bleeding and the man continuing to harass me got me out of control.  I did the right thing and called 911. He was  still  walking his dog all calm in front of me.  I could not believe that.  In 5 minutes the police came together with the firefighters.  I quickly gave them description of the man and such.  i was then told that they will search the neighborhood and if they find him,  he will be booked for second degree assault.  I said to myself that i need to stop closing my eyes,  and do the right thing for all cyclist and the safety of our streets.  If they get him,  then i probably saved another cyclist and made the streets a little safer.  And i am sure I’ll see him again as this happened close to my complex.  I miss you Howard Country…


    1. Yes , Thank you. Many people are telling me now – why didn’t you hit him back. I don’t believe hitting the person was going to fix the problem. Hate does not get fix with hate. It was like being against somebody that is my dads age. I felt bad because he started shaking. Maybe he thought i was a kid at first ,until i was very close to him.


  1. I hope you recover from this Georgi and keep your faith in us humans. Sometimes we are just mean regardless of color or geographical location, but most of the time we are good and want to get along with others. Regards.

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    1. Thanks for the support Elvis. I will recover quick. Its just sad that there is so much hate on the streets. Many times for no reason. People have problems and take their anger out on others.And yes , you are right. Most people are good, except the times when you bump into one of the bad ones . . .


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